Richard L. Lane

I am truly honored and humbled to call Rev. Walter B. Hoye II my brother in Christ. His words and actions embody the truest meaning of the Gospel left to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: "tend my sheep". Rev. Hoye’s commitment to Life at all its stages is a true testimony to an unconditional love of all people, placed in him by God. When I first heard the story of Rev. Hoye, I immediately thought of him as a modern-day St. Paul, who was beaten, shipwrecked and even imprisoned for the Truth. I thank God for Rev. Hoye daily, and my wife and I continue to keep him and his family lifted up in our daily prayers, for Walter is a TRUE Warrior of Christ Jesus, armed with the Gospel of LOVE for all of God’s children, including His most cherished, the unborn. This is why I support the California Equal Rights Amendment and Walter's efforts to put this initiative on the ballot.

 — Richard L. Lane, Catholic Evangelist, Co-Founder, Qorban Ministries