Kurt Ramspott

In March of 2005 Scott Peterson was found guilty of two separate murders, that of his wife Laci and also his unborn son Conner. Laci and Conner disappeared in December of 2002.  In December of 2004 Lisa Marie Montgomery strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett and cut her premature infant from her womb. A frenzied search to discover the child was orchestrated by local and state police in Kansas and Missouri. What both of these tragic stories have in common is the inarguable position that these children in the womb, before their birth, according to the Constitution of America, and subsequent state laws, had the 'right' to live their LIFE regardless the time of their birth. IF Conner had no rights in the womb, Scott Peterson would have only been charged for the murder of his wife Laci. Likewise, if an infant in the womb, as in the case of Bobbie Jo Stinnett's daughter, has no right to live, due the fact that the baby had not developed to 'full-term' and been birthed, then the frantic pursuit by the authorities to find her was meaningless as she would not have yet achieved the level of a person with personhood. Countless other cases like these have been documented in our own American history and the precedent has been set by our citizenry to establish a California Equal Rights Amendment. As founder of Guys For Life I stand with you arm in arm to continue this timely action to clarify and solidify the right to live - regardless of the start of a person's biological clock. 

 — Kurt Ramspott, Founder, Guys For Life, Inc.